Serve ten times more customers with an efficient process

With DPO-One your consultant work will benefit from standardization, which saves a lot of time in data collection and analysis, freeing up time for many more clients. In addition, you benefit from automatisms in communication with your client and in construction of corrective plans, increasing the efficiency of your work.



More customers

It is possible to manage several clients at the same time. Much of the work can be done by administrative staff. You are free to intervene in the action plan and thus manage to carry out much more assistance.

Recurrence management

Since the processes are saved in the DPO-One user account, it is possible to repeat the process annually to ensure that DPO-One customers maintain GDPR good practices throughout the life of their companies.

Report and action plan

DPO-One immediately associates a corrective action with each of the responses that indicate non-compliance. That corrective action can now be assigned to a responsible person with a deadline for its execution. The report will indicate the status of the process.

Pay for what you use

DPO-One has different subscription packages associated with the number of reports that the user can take, in different clients. This means that the lawyer can acquire the best cost/benefit ratio, according to the size of his client portfolio.


Check here the top questions from our users.

DPO-One is not just a question form. It has the questions, the possible answers and as soon as it is answered it identifies the potential failures, alerting and immediately suggesting a corrective action. That's why it's a process that speeds up the lawyer's process by at least 10 times.

No. DPO-One is a cloud SaaS (software as a service). For this reason it does not install absolutely anything on your computer. All you need is an account, a device with a browser and internet.

The fact that DPO-One allows the work to be done immensely faster and that a large part of the process can be carried out by any administrative person operating the system allows the lawyer to make proposals with much more margin for himself at an infinitely lower cost. for companies. This opens the door to a multitude of companies that want to comply and do not know how or do not have the means for a traditional process. From this idea, it becomes very simple to communicate through social networks and make proposals in much greater numbers with a much better conversion rate.

Yes. You can, while keeping your account active, access the processes, review them or, if your customer wants, run the process again to ensure that it remains in compliance (management of recurrences).

Dpo-One standardized a large part of the work, from introducing the client into the system to sending and receiving questionnaires. For this reason, the lawyer can serve many more clients and outsource administrative work, intervening in specific moments when this becomes necessary.

Not in the sense that you think of an artificial intelligence system. However, as it allows the consultant to fine-tune the questionnaires, action plans and corrective measures or create new ones, it improves and adjusts itself over time to its user. In addition, it saves the processes, thus allowing more and more references and recurrences that the user can use to "teach" the DPO-One.


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