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With standardized questionnaires, automation of the identification of non-conformities and an action plan suggested by DPO-One, you can provide the service to several companies to support the GDPR compliance process. The final phase, the implementation of the measures, may require the intervention of a lawyer, but with the use of AI tools such as ChatGPT, 90% of the work can be carried out by a consultant.


The questionnaires placed in the DPO-One libraries bring all the questions - specifically targeted to each department - about what your client does. The answers trigger nonconformities and the corresponding corrective actions in DPO-One.

Action plan

DPO-One immediately associates a corrective action with each of the responses that indicate non-compliance. That corrective action can now be assigned to a responsible person with a deadline for its execution.


After identifying the irregularities and attributing corrective measures to a responsible person with dates, you can withdraw a report from the system that tells your customer everything that has to be done and that indicates to a possible audit that the process is being carried out.

Use ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a powerful artificial intelligence tool where you can - once the necessary corrective measure has been indicated, find the exact wording of the documents you need and/or the indications of how to proceed next.


Check here the top questions from our users.

There are several websites where you can read more about current legislation. If you want to read the law on the Brazilian government website, you can click here.

No. DPO-One does the heavy lifting, which is figuring out where the flaws are and how to fix those flaws. In the end, depending on the corrective measures, you will have to conclude using the services or solutions that you find most convenient. For example, you may need a lawyer to draw up a new contract for your employees that contains the GDPR obligations or purchase a lockable cabinet to store manual processes.

When the company manages to demonstrate that it is developing corrective measures in relation to the General Data Protection Regulation, it is immediately freed from the most serious measures. The most serious measures involve the suspension of the business activity that is generating the non-compliance, pecuniary fines and - in more serious cases - the arrest of those responsible. As soon as you start the process with DPO-One, you can, through your report, demonstrate that you are on the way to compliance and thus be free of these measures.

No, in the formal sense. Of course, as in all consultant jobs, the more you know about the subject, the better you can develop the job. Therefore, we recommend a careful reading of the legislation and everything related to it. The DPO-One is a powerful aid tool for the consultant but evidently the way the consultant presents himself in all aspects of the job is what will make the decisive difference between the various consultants available on the market.

First read and understand the legislation. Which is not very complex. Then understand what a company expects from an external consultant and work on these valences (presentation, availability, etc.). Having a DPO-One account helps a lot because, as the work is standardized, it solves the ways of inquiring, saving information, producing action plans, reports and accompanying the client throughout the implementation process. Then work on content on social networks that allow the market to recognize the consultant as someone who dominates the subject. From there, the sky is the limit.

DPO-One makes it possible to get the job done much faster and therefore at much more affordable prices, which opens the door to a huge market. It also allows you to send a questionnaire so that your customers can check the process before accepting a financial proposal. For these and many other reasons, DPO-One can help your business reach much higher levels.


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