DPO One privacy software offers a sustainable solution to help your company comply with GDPR.

DPO One is validated by experienced privacy and risk management experts!

Privacy is here to stay. DPO One supports a responsible and aware privacy culture. And helps your organization to be compliant at all times!

No legal complexity and with affordable pricing.

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Why DPO One:

  • Easy:
  • Understandable:
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  • Affordable:
  • GDPR structured in an easy to use workflow
  • GDPR content you understand
  • Developed through real implementation
  • Keep your costs low


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DPO One makes GDPR tangible

Inventory and assessment of your personal data

Clear dashboard showing tests, action plan, status and reporting

Identification of privacy gaps and action plan for solutions

Include privacy in the workflow via the roles of the BO and PO

How DPO One works

DPO One facilitates ongoing GDPR compliance for your organization

An easy to read dashboard presents the risk level and status of companies processing activities. Processings activities are processes with personal data such as “recruitment” or “customer relations”.

Each of the processing activities will assessed through a risk scan, register and privacy assessment. The result is a privacy report including register and an automated action plan showing privacy gaps to close. The action plan can be maintained by the users. DPO One documents the assessments and reports for your convenience.

DPO One offers companies an own online privacy environment and organizes your privacy compliance.

A DPO One license goes with a toolkit which is updated regularly. The toolkit contains guidance and templates for GDPR documents such as a Privacy Statement, a Data Processor Agreement and Data Breach procedure.

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DPO One privacy software offers a sustainable solution to comply with GDPR.

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