Professionalize your work as a compliance consultant

Maximize leverage of your compliance consultancy resources. 

Create efficiency and support more clients on the consultancy process, allowing consultant to handle up to 4 times more clients.

Build a sustainable client portfolio allowing meaningful client contact.


DPO One was designed to professionalize your work as a Privacy and Compliance Consultant


According to the clients you have, you can choose the best price and modality for your profile


The flow is made on a secure and safe online platform.

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Helping you to automate and deliver the most effective results to your clients. Guaranteed. 

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Data Treatment Assessment

The first step in becoming compliant is to document where and how the Data is stored

Gap Breach Identification

After the assessment the company is able to identify and classify the risks.

Action Plan

The next step is the creation of an Action Plan to identify risk mitigation and Gap solving measures.

Compliance is key!

The online GDPR compliance tool that helps consultancy firms and privacy &
security consultants to deliver great results in GDPR compliance projects for their Clients.


    The Need for Compliance

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